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    We are the newly opened shop for art and craft, TOUCH OF ART, offering a high quality and wide variety of art materials with reasonable prices. Please follow us on instagram @touch.of.arts or call us at 17280022; email at
    We aim to provide the needs of every artist - professional or beginners, students, hobbyist, and especially kids.
    We are located in Gardens Plaza, shop 101 & 103, Rd 255, Blk 502, Jannusan, behind Al Abraaj restaurant along Budaiya highway.
    showroom location.jpg OUR SHOWROOM cover photo 2.jpg
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    Join us in this Summer Art class in Touch of Art
    Register now for any of the courses offered : Beginners (6-10yrs), Intermediate (10-16yrs), Advanced /9open for any age)
    Classes will start soon by 10th July, 2016.
    Total 8 sessions of 16 hrs, twice a week in 4 weeks.
    Call 17280022 or whatsapp 33191776 for inquiries.
    summer art class.jpg

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