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    Hi mums! Would like to know your views and experience about breastfeeding in public? How does the community in the island reacts on this? Do we have breastfeeding rooms in malls and other public places? TIA
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    Donya Amin

    City center & Seef mall Muharraq have baby changing rooms, near the bathrooms, throughout the mall that have changing tables and sinks in them. They also have chairs in them that u can sit on to feed the baby in a private room if you wish. If you would prefer the flexibility of feeding in a coffee shop etc So long as you use a feeding cover, you won't be attracting any unwanted attention

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    Leena Al-Wazeer

    As long as you cover yourself , you can breast feed anywhere .. No restriction at all..Some malls have nursing rooms with sofas to breast feed .. As a Bahraini I grew up seeing mothers breast feeding everywhere ..

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    Shannah Lulay

    The malls have a sitting rooms located in the bathrooms, I assume are for BF.

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    Gabi SG

    I breastfeed my baby whenever/wherever he gets hungry. Shops, coffee shops, wherever i can sit down. I use a cover. Nobody can see anything. Im sure most people dont even realise thats what im doing. Wouldnt do it in the toilet though. That doesnt sound very hygenic. I dont eat in the toilet...

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