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Discussion in 'Jobs' started by Saba, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Saba

    Saba New Member

    Mums... Need ur help I'm a textile designer by profession ... I'm looking for a job in this field... Though I know it's difficult to find it here but if someone has any contact or know some one who need a designer to design embroideries, furniture, beddings .. Plz share the links through inbox .. Tia
  2. AsmaHarshi

    AsmaHarshi New Member

    Try uploading your resume in local job sites like,, etc. Make sure your mobile number is correct and search for jobs online too. There are lots of sites and you can easily find lots of contacts even just by googling about furniture shops or related terms. You might not find an open vacancy there but just call and ask them whether they have a vacancy or not and if possible just drop your resume to them. All the best.

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