Gastroenterologists in Bahrain

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    (Gastroenterologists in Bahrain)

    Members recommendations:

    - Dr Kenneth at American mission hospital is great!

    - Dr. Fatheya Al Qureishi haemitilogist-oncologist, used to be available at BSH but now only in Salmaniya.
    Also had good recommendations for Dr. Abdullah Alajmi.

    - The best is Dr Zuhal at BDF , I've worked with her and she is more than excellent

    - Dr. Mazin at Royal Bahrain Hospital

    - Hematologist Dr. Abdulla Alajmi...he's the only known hematologist in the country with good experience

    Gastroenterologist Dr. Ali albagali or Dr Jehad alqameesh

    - Najah al zayani clinic in BSH, they are good. Initial appt with Najah may be difficult but before treatment she will be consulted even if you take appt with her juniors. There are few gastroenterologist on the island, I have heard BDF has some good doctors but we have never tried, we are ok with Najah but beware most insurances does not cover her clinic though BSH is covered.

    - Dr. Zuhel Mohammad Ghandoor is a very good gastrologist at BDF hospital.

    -Dr Hassan have private clinic in Budaiya .. His clinic no is 17593177 .Pediatric Gastro.

    - Dr Mustafa at Bahrain specialist Hospital , Juffair

    - Dr Mohammed Salim(internal medicine)in Al Hilal Hospital. He is general surgeon also he is good for gastrointestinal problems.

    - Dr. Hesham Galal Amer. I think he's in Alkindi hospital.

    - I would recommend Dr.iftikhar in awali hospital. Hes the best gastroantrologist i always consult him and am a 100% satisfied patient

    - I would highly recommend Dr. Abdulrahman Fakhro. My father had the same problem recently. He went to a few doctors & he was the best. Good luck.

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