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    Hi Ladies,
    I am in a horrible situation,

    I have recently moved to Bahrain, and enjoying a job I really love and never thought id ever get an opportunity like this, however, life doesnt always go to plan...

    I split up from my husband in 2013 and we are currently starting divorce proceedings, in the meantime i found someone who i love dearly and we have been together for the past 14 months - i have just found out i am pregnant - around 4 weeks. Totally unplanned and have been on the contraceptive pill throughout this period.

    what is the situation out here regarding pregnancy out of wedlock?
    I honestly do not know what to do, i am so scared and also dont want to lose my job.

    It doesnt look very good when i am getting divorced and having someone elses baby out of wedlock.

    Please, please help. I am extremely stressed out.

    Any advice will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you so much
    T x

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