Hi mums! I need recommendations for thermal garments for kids!

Discussion in 'Shopping' started by Maya, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. Maya

    Maya Moderator

    Could you recommend some as my kids jeep taking off their jackets at school and it worries me that they might get sick..

    MIB ADMIN Moderator Staff Member

    I make sure that both of mine have vests on at he moment for extra warmth. I am sure that M&S and Mothercare will have good quality ones, as well as maybe the larger supermarkets. Next probably has them too.
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  3. PowderPuff

    PowderPuff New Member

    Carrefore have a large selection for kids and really cheap x
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  4. Maya

    Maya Moderator

    Thank you! I would have never thought about looking there ☺

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