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Discussion in 'FAQ' started by NorGreenway, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. NorGreenway

    NorGreenway New Member

    Hello Admin,

    I m new here, now thing settle down.
    I love to take part in charity event or organisation while I m not yet looking for job.
    I m a nurse.
    How to do that? Any guidance?
    I noticed one posted about BSB Charity event every Tuesday. Who to contact?
    Thank you

    MIB ADMIN Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Nor, and welcome to Bahrain!

    The two charity organisations that spring to mind are The Palm Association - group of ladies who raise funds to help women and children in Bahrain, and the American Women's Association, which is more like a social group that also raises funds for various charities throughout the year. I will post links to their sites/pages for you.

    If you love animals, then there is also the BSPCA who are always fund raising, and also a gentleman called Tony the Dogfather who runs an animal shelter - they have fund raising activities.

    Do any of these appeal??

    MIB ADMIN Moderator Staff Member

  4. NorGreenway

    NorGreenway New Member

    Hi MIB ADmin,
    Lovely, so details information.
    Getting in touch with them....
    Thank you
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