I have visitors coming to Bahrain - where can I take them?

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    Some other places not mentioned on the list to visit:
    • Causeway to Saudi. You can go to the middle and go up the tower, see Bahrain on one side and Saudi Arabia on the other side without actually going all the way to Saudi Arabia. You can easily u turn there to return to Bahrain. Evenings are nice with the lights on in both countries. The one time I went, I think I only paid BD2 and there's some form of restaurant in the tower.
    • Bab Al Bahrain ~ Manama Souq
    • The park next to Hidd bridge and the park in Arad next to Moevenpick Hotel/oppossite Gulf Air HQ are nice for a walk
    • Note that for visiting Al Jasra Handicrafts the best timings to visit are in the morning. I believe they close quite early in the afternoon
    Some places to eat that I love
    • Frangipani both in Tala Plaza in Zinj and in Seef Mall (Japanese/sushi)
    • Sumo Bento on American Alley in Juffair (Japanese/sushi)
    • Healthy Calorie on American Alley in Juffair (soup/sandwiches/salads/rice but all low in calorie)
    • La Ventana which be 1st street on the left next to Gulf Hotel/Gulf Cellar. A white house on the corner with option to sit outside. (pies, salads, sandwiches, quiche,... big selection of teas and juices... the salad is big and they use a variety of vegetables and add nuts and seeds to it)
    • Pinkberry at Bahrain City Center if you have a sweet tooth but don't want to go too sweet
    • Al Abraaj at various locations
    • Macaroni & Grill on American Alley
    • Nu Aisa at various locations (e.g. American Alley)

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    Fabulous suggestions and information NatSam - thanks!!!

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