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    Moving to a new country can be stressful and daunting. We have put together some information that you might find useful in helping you understand the country that you are moving to, and the practicalities of where to live, schooling etc. Click on this link for more information to Bahrain.html
  2. enidcastro

    enidcastro New Member

    Need info about pet friendly hotels in the amwaj island. We r moving in 3 weeks I don't have hotel reservation yet and we are bringing our cat. TIA

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    I THINK that the Dragon Hotel on Amwaj allows pets - I am pretty sure that I know people who have stayed there for a few weeks with dogs that they have brought over with them. There are only 2 hotels on Amwaj - The Dragon and the brand new Art Rotana - not sure that the new one would accept animals, but you could ask........
  4. LuluDark

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    We just moved to Bahrain and We are living in Riffa views. I have a 3 years old boy. I am Looking for moms and kids activities to do after school.

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