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  1. heli

    heli New Member

    hi can anyone tell me how is the area Zinj for living as ill be relocating from dubai.
  2. LhuLu

    LhuLu New Member

    Hi Heli,

    How are you? Hope everything is fine . I can personally say that living in zinj area is pretty good for the fact that first the place isn't crowded . secondly, less traffic and accessible to all areas. Supermarket's are also nearby. I myself is living in the same place, and it is very peaceful. Most of the embassy were located in this area, fyi.

    Please feel free to send a message over my email if you are still looking for a place to live along Zinj. I do have some photos to show to you and all the descriptions and inclusions. My email is or you cant send a message over whatsapp at +973 33920190.

    Thank You.


  3. heli

    heli New Member

    thanks a lot Lhulu for your feedback i also wanted to know how is umalhassam area and is there any kids play area around there like in adliya

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