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    I have extensive experience tutoring University and Highschool students in perfecting formal writing for exams and essays. I also have experience teaching University students proper research methods in a wide variety of subjects. I can help you get a top grade in school exams and in University essays as well as provide assistance in studying for any related subjects.

    I can also tutor professionals taking the IELTS tests and other standardised English language examinations.

    I am a Canadian national living with my husband in Bahrain. I completed a B.A with Honours from the University of Toronto in 2015. My focuses were History, Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies.

    I am available Sunday-Thursday with the exclusion of national and Islamic holidays.

    I will not tutor single men in their homes, with the exception of boys in Highschool years who live with their parents. If you are a single man we will meet in a coffee shop or another public place to work on our lessons.

    My price is 15BD /per hour, per student.

    If there are 3 or more students who wish to be tutored at the same time, I am willing to negotiate a group discount :).

    Contact: Katharine B , E-mail: , Cellphone: 33710208

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