What to pack in your hospital bag when having a baby?

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    This is a question that we get asked a great deal.......

    Based on suggestions given by members, here's what your bag(s) could include:

    For you:
    - at least 2 nighties
    - 2 pairs of pjs for after giving birth
    - warm socks
    - slippers
    - dressing gown
    - maternity/feeding bras
    - knickers (black, lots of them)
    - maternity pads
    - wash bag (get some nice toiletries), hair brush, make up, hair scrunchies
    - phone and charger
    - camera and charger
    - ipad, book, magazines
    - snacks and juices - enough for you and your husband for during and after labour - you never know when you're going to be peckish!
    - a change of clothes for going home (assume you will still be very big and also sore)

    For baby:
    - 4-6 newborn vests
    - 4-6 newborn romper suits/sleep suits
    - cotton hat
    - scratch mittens
    - blanket for wrapping the baby in
    - nappies/diapers (the hospital may provide these, but always good to have some on hand)
    - wipes for delicate skin
    - cotton wool
    - any special gifts that you want the baby to have e.g. a special teddy

    What else would you add?
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  2. hina.amoodi

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    Scrunchies...hair bands for mother
    blanket for wrapping baby
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    Good ideas - I'll add them - thanks :)
  4. aaziz

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    Shall and cardigan
    shower slippers
    Hand fan
    Prayer scarf
    Camera, video camera, chargers, uploading cables
    Extension cord
    Marriage certificate copy, CPR copy, passport copies
    Extra big bags/ duffle bag to carry gifts and misc home
  5. EmMoo

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    Hello, apologies I cannot find a more appropriate forum ....I wondered if anyone could please confirm the current maternity paid period. I have researched online but most sites were updated a few years ago and I want to ensure the information is correct - I have seen that in previous years it 60 days paid and 15 days unpaid - can anyone please confirm if this is still the case? THANKS SO MUCH

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