What were the best items that you bought for you baby??

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    Planning for the arrival of a new little one can be very stressful and expensive. To help soon-to-be parents, what were the best items that you purchased for your new baby? And what items were a complete waste of money, that you just didn't use??

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    The items that we used the most were the moses basket (easy to move a sleeping baby around the house with you, if you want to keep an eye on them), a Jumperoo for when they are 6 months old or so, and a rocking chair for those endless nights of constant feeding.......

    Biggest wastes of money were an expensive 'all singing and dancing' pram - we soon moved onto a cheaper pushchair, and also a myriad of ice cube trays and snack pots for the weaning stage - I had far too many.......

    How about you??
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    Our twins enjoy their musical mobile in cots, keep them occupied

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