Where are the best places to go for a traditional Bahraini breakfast?

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    Where would you recommend taking visitors to experience a lovely Bahraini breakfast? Please give us you suggestions :)
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    I used to go to Haji Gahwah in manama souq. They are located in the alley, but so clean and you can feel the traditional athmosphere. They have section for family too. The food is delicious and suprisingly cheap! They have nice karak tea and tikka too. We spent 4 BD (for 3 persons) for dinner when my brother in law came.

    If you looking for more fancy place, you can visit The Mall also in manama souq. That one easy to find.

    Currently i'm still looking for any other place like Haji Gahwah, if anyone know please share. Thanks

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    Great info - thanks for sharing Nita!!

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    Here are some ideas from our members on great places to go for a Bahraini breakfast:

    • Bahrain Museum cafe has a great breakfast and nice to sit outside overlooking sea, opens at 9am
    • Melanie Bahrain breakfast can include chickpeas, spiced tomato scrambled eggs, foul ( beans) flat breads there are a variations all delicious give it a try when you come
    • Saffron in Muharraq
      Saffron at Riffa Fort
      Lumee in Aali Mall has very delicious traditional breakfast and reasonable prices, and is just indoor seating
    • Al Jarrah
    • I've heard lots of great things about Emmawash in Budaiya
    • Villa Mamas in Saar. .Go to the suq you find the real Bahrain breakfast Ahmed's cafe and many more
    • There is a place in Riyadat Mall in Aali for traditional Bahraini Breakfast that is good so I heard.
    • Le Chocolat in Seef do a traditional breakfast, but it is nt the 'full' traditional i.e. no balaleet etc.
    • Cafe Lilou in Adliya and Seef have some Arabic breakfast dishes too.

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