Where can I find maternity clothes?

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    This is a question that we get asked a lot......... Here are the answers that were given n response to a recent posting about this on our Facebook page:

    • Mamas & Papas at Seef Mall
    • UK Mothercare in City Center and Seef Mall
    • Centerpoint - main Segaya branch and City Centre branches
    • Dorothy Perkins
    • Mother Hut in Riffa, near Motor City, next to Cakes&Bakes
    • T-K Max City Centre mall.
    • H&M
    • 77
    • Upstairs in Seef Mall opposite H&M to the left, there is a little boutique that's sell maternity.
    • Muharraq market.......!!!!!
    • New Look in City Centre
    • I ordered quite a few things from ASOS.com it's easy to choose sizes as they have all the measurements. Also max the one in city centre usually has more options.

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    Hello, apologies I cannot find a more appropriate forum ....I wondered if anyone could please confirm the current maternity paid period. I have researched online but most sites were updated a few years ago and I want to ensure the information is correct - I have seen that in previous years it 60 days paid and 15 days unpaid - can anyone please confirm if this is still the case? THANKS SO MUCH

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