How can I get my whites back to being white?!

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    A common question that is asked is for tips on how to get white clothes/fabrics back to white (they can often go grey/yellow, maybe something to do with the water?). Some suggestions from mums are:

    • Use Persil Power Gel - it really does work!! Expensive but worth it.......
    • 2 table spoons of baking powder will do the job. I personally would never use clorox cause it turned my whites yellowish
    • I put a bit of bleach in the washer while it is filling up and then soap and swish it around.
    • White vinegar also helps
    • Never used clorox after while the white changes to yellow use backing whote hard soap u can find it on supermarket
    • Clorox or vanish
    • Pop a capful of neat bleach in your water.
    • Vanish spray. I put my whites in the sink and spray the whole thing and keep doing it to all whites then put in washong machine or alternatively put in a bucket with bleach and water and soak for a few minutes and that shud work too.
    • Vanish really helped.
    • Reduce the temperature of the water used for a longer term solution.
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    Reduce the temperature of your hot water heater for a more permanent solution.
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    Thanks for the information Kristina - I'll add it to the original post :)

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