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Do you want a high quality light and save electricity?

  1. Use LED Light from Renewable Energy, No heat emision, you can save up to 80% electricity consumption

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  2. Buy LED Light from Renewable Energy, they have high quality LED light, environment friendly

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  1. Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy New Member

    High quality LED lighting, True colour identification, Environment friendly, Flickering free, No heat emission, Low Electricity consumptions and 3 Years replacement warranty.

    Types and sizes:

    Round / Square Panel :
    Colour - White and Yellow
    Size and Wattage: 4" (6W) 6" (12W) 8" (18W)

    LED Spotlight:
    Colour: White and Yellow
    Q1 250lm (3.5W) and MR16 450lm (5.5W)

    LED Bulbs:
    Colour : White and Yellow
    Wattage: 12W

    LED Candle Bulbs:
    Colour: White and Yellow

    For any questions or inquiry please call 39774475 or 17330999 or you can visit us in 4th floor Tariq Bldg, Manama

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