Toddler activities in Bahrain

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  1. Maya

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    Here's some suggestions that are most popular with our members for the young tots❤ Feel free to add more to this thread!

    -Twinkle twinkle in saar across from cinema

    -Turtle tots at Wahoo on Tuesday mornings (9.30-10.30) is good for helping to build water confidence, Sticky Fingers at al Fateh Somerset Mon and Weds 9.30-11.30 is also great for play, singing, chat, crafts and smiles. Hope this helps! There are other things too, like Yellow submarine at Saar Mall, and most malls seem to have a kids soft play thing, but I've not been here that long either so haven't checked them all out.

    -Yellow Submarine in the Saar Mall. Take a look at their FB page for info. I take our three year old twice a week. She enjoys is very much! Clean, safe, the clientele change which offers her a variety of social opportunities.
  2. Maya

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    -Baby Gems Mums & Toddlers Group at Little Gems Pre-School, Budaiya
    17 694 356

    -Bright Beginnings in Adliya, 17 710 405

    -Moms & Tots
    Yellow Submarine, Budaiya
    17 000 037

    -Sticky Fingers at Somerset Residences, Al Fateh Tel. 66 306 001

    -Talk Play Grow. Manama
    38 292 331

    -Tots & Toddlers at the British Club, Adliya
    17 728 245

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